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Hey everybody, I'm looking to change my car to a slightly more conservative look.

So I'm putting up my JT Autostyle Type-M spoiler, painted in Nighthawk Black Pearl, prefitted to the coupe trunklid (most large fiberglass spoilers need to be fitted). I've used it for about three years and it's held up quite well over the years. There's a little line that runs longitudinally along the spine of it (see picture), but it doesn't affect its structural integrity. It's still VERY shiny; It's been well cared for. Used condition so it's sold "as is."

Actual spoiler

Trade for stock front bumper, Nighthawk Black Pearl
Trade for carbon fiber lip spoiler
Trade for [NHP or Flamenco painted] aftermarket sideskirts
Buy for $120 cash/Paypal, shipping not included

Local (SoCal) buyers get priority, first. Thanks for looking. Please let me know if you need to get rid of anything not listed above that you might think I want.

Interested? Please email me (NO PMs!):
[email protected]

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