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hey, since I bought some blackhoused headlamps from ebay recently, I have decided to sell my OEM headlamps. These OEM headlamps were cleared by me, with the amber strips removed, and they also have the led strips in them. The LEDS light up a white color.
But there are a couple of issues, First the right driver side headlamp has some fogging issues, so it needs to be sealed up with some silicone adhesive. And secondly the driver side headlamp has a small piece of reflector broken off. It is pretty small piece and it is on the side so it can be easily glued back to the headlamp.Also on the driver side headlamps some of the leds in the strip are not working, its only like 3 leds, the rest work. Other than those minor issues, the headlamps are ready to go.I am asking $60 plus shipping. Here are some pics

This is the small piece of reflector on the bottom bar that is broken off,the piece is at the bottom of the headlight near the LED strip, it should not affect light output.

here is the passenger headlamp

all boxed up and ready to go

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