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Item #1

This is a brand new Frog V-AFC harness that has never been used..

It has the extra long extension so you could wire it to your sunglass box.

170 OBO

Item #2

Beartracker BCT-10 Police Scanner
Bought it off of ebay. It is used.

It detects police transponder extender signals and alerts you.
This means if transponders are used in your state by cops(the small radio cops have on their chest or waist) it will alert you within a few miles of them.

In addition you can detect VASCAR by the fact that the car to car radio signals and the car to plane signals set off the alert as well.
It also helps with multiple-cop speed traps as they tend to use laser and radio the cops ahead.

You can also listen to police radio broadcasts if you tune to the proper pre-programmed channel. There's local channels, and state trooper channels and the ability to listen to them both.

Whats included:
Intructions printed out from online
Power Cables
Windshield antenna(damaged a little)
and stubby antenna(if i can locate it)

What you may need:
a better antenna.
The windshield and stubby antennas kind of suck for range.
better antennas are available at any radioshack. or you can even make your own windshield one. some coaxial cable and connectors connected to suction cups embedded at the top of your windshield.

Im getting rid of this one because I have a BCT-12 that has weather alert that I have disassembled to do a custom stealth install into the center console with.

Asking: 85 OBO shipped.

Item #3
Stock Springs and Worn Stock struts

Asking: maybe 10? haha just pay for shipping.

Item #4
PPK/S with silencer and 3 clips.
Asking: 700 OBO
haha just seeing if anyone is paying attention...

Item #5
Sager 5660c Laptop (testing waters)

16" WUXGA Active Matrix Screen
2.4 GHZ Pentium 4
ATI Radeon 9000 w/ 64 MB video ram.
512 MB of 266 DDR Ram
Two Lithium Ion Batteries
DVD-R/CDRW/Rom Drive.
Second DVD Drive (It can hold two cd drives at a time)
60 GB 7200rpm harddrive (crashed you will need to replace this)
Built in D-link Mini-Pci 802.11g card.

Minor Problems:
1.Space bar is a little odd.. keyboard will be replaced if you talk to sager. warranty is in effect. sager has great service.
2.Firewire port has never worked for me for some reason.
3. RJ45 Port broken when stupid sister tripped over my cable and broke it.
4. Harddrive needs to be replaced (head crash)

Asking 1300 OBO (paid: 2300 a few months ago)

v6p gangster
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Item #4
PPK/S with silencer and 3 clips.
Asking: 700 OBO
haha just seeing if anyone is paying attention...

i'll take item number 4 ...HAHA
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