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Selling my OEM foglight kit. Fits 2001-2002 Accord Coupes bumpers.

Comes with all installation hardware and a BRAND NEW OEM wiring harness and switch.

Fog lights were on my car for almost a year, no cracks on the lenses.
As shown here:

Here are some pics:
Wiring harnesses + switch (brand new from an OEM UKDM Accord fog harness. Difference is UKDM Accords mount the switch in the center console, and USDM on the left side, so the wiring for the switches will have to be extended so it reaches the left side)

Left fog:

Right fog:

Garnish pieces:

Asking: $180 USD shipped

I also have a pair of H11 4300K HID bulbs that I can throw in for $45 USD more (not to be sold before foglights are sold)

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Damn those would look good, too bad I have the wrong bumper :(

And that pic up above on the car has way too many colors going.
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