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I need to sell my Skunk 2 coilovers... BRAND NEW. bought only about a month before I wrecked- They were for my 97 Accord. I believe they would fit a 90-97 Accord. But I am not positive. I would like to also buy a pair for my 98 Accord I just bought. I would be willing to trade possibly too.

... I also have for sale (everything that i had left over from my car):

• 'euro' tail lights --- two pieces, of course
• halo/angel eye headl lights --- when I wrecked the head lights were torn out of my car and thrown across the grass, I do not know if it is fixable but decided if they were someone might want them or even if maybe for another reason
• stock 15" rims --- fairly good condition for stock rims, few dings and chips here and there
• stock intake --- everything that I took off/out when I put in my cold air intake; don't know if anyone wants these parts
• stock head lights --- the two pieces.. one is missing a bracket and is somewhat "cloudy"

I do have pictures of everything listed! I just never have good luck with actually posting them on forums-- never seem to show up.. so instead I can just email pictures. specially since I took a few pictures of each item.. PM me, email me @ [email protected] or msg me on aim @ kutepunkprincess.

I will accept offers too for any and all of this

Thanks :D
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