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Alpine 9835


CD Changer Control
* CD Text Display/Scroll
* Disc Play/Pause
* Disc Title Memory
* Forward/Backward
* M.I.X. One/All (Random Play One or All)
* MP3 Changer Ready (CHA-S634)
* MP3 Text Information Display (ID3 Tag)
* Multi-CD Changer Control (with KCA-410C)
* Music Scan/Repeat
* Music Sensor Up/Down
* Quick SearchTM Function with MP3 Playback Changer (CHA-S634)

CD Player
* CD Text, CD Text Display, CD Text Scroll
* CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility
* Digital Servo
* Disc Play/Pause
* Disc Title Memory (24 Titles / 8 Letters)
* Forward/Backward
* M.I.X. One (Folder)/All (Random Play) Music Scan/Repeat
* MP3 Text Information Display (ID3 Tag)
* MP3/WMA Decoder/Playback
* Music Scan/Repeat
* Music Sensor (Up/Dn)
* Quick SearchTM Function (MP3 files)
* Regulated 1-Bit DAC
* Zero Data Mute (0 bit Mute)

General-Head Units
* 6-Channel Digital Time Correction
* 6-Position HP/LP Digital Crossover (24dB/Oct.)
* Media Xpander™ (MX)
* Parametric Equalizer
* Subwoofer Level Control
* Subwoofer Phase Control
* 2-Line Color Display
* 3 PreOuts (4V PreOut)
* 3-Way or 2-Way Digital Channel Crossover
* 4 V PreOut with DC-DC Converter
* Amplifier Link
* Anti-Theft Detachable Front Panel
* Audio Mute
* Bass Engine Pro®
* Black Out Display
* Detachable Trim Plate
* Dimmer-on Input
* Fader & Balance Controls
* MM Driver (Hard Disc Drive ) Ready
* MobileHub™ Ready
* Power Antenna Lead
* Remote-on Lead
* Rotary Encoder Volume Control
* Silver Face w/Blue Illumination Buttons
* Swing Face Mechanism
* Versatile Link Ready
* Wireless Remote Control Included
* i-PersonalizeTM (Data Download)

SAT Radio Control
* Category Search
* Preset Memory, 3-Bands (18 Channels Total)
* Quick SearchTM Function (Channel Selection)
* SAT Radio Ready
* SAT Radio Text Scroll

* Auto Memory
* Local/DX Selection
* MaxTune SQ Tuner
* Preset Address Indicator
* Preset Stations (FM:12/AM:6)
* Station Title Memory (18 Titles / 8 Letters)
* Title Search Menu/Scroll
* Up/Down Seek

XM Control
* Category Search
* Preset Memory, 3-Bands (18 Total)
* Quick SearchTM Function (Channel Selection)
* XM Ready
* XM Text Scroll


• Alpine 9835 H/U
• Remote
• Box
• Face Case Box


320 obo + Shipping and Paypal fee


Nice Phone (No Razor)

Im selling this radio because I dont need it anymore. I used it for about half a year.It does have scratches on the face from putting in my pocket. Any other questions you can PM me or email me [email protected]

I don’t care how much you can get this radio for or who you can get it from. If you would like any more info or too buy it then PM me or post it up. Please don’t whore up the thread saying you can get this phone from your grandma for cheap.[/QUOTE]

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sony ericsson s710a, with all the accessories, including a '32mb memory stick duo' and a 'sony memory stick duo' card reader for your computer. It has a 1.3MP camera and video recorder built in.

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I had it once and it got stolen out of my car, bought it for $550 and it was one of the best decks I ever had. Could I see actual pics of the condition, i really want my deck back and if its in good condition i'll consider getting it or we could see if we could arrange something.
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