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Since advertising here is free, I thought what the hell. I'm looking to see if I can sell my Fiero to get enough cash to buy another SC400. Yes, I'm selling my best toy ever 'cause I'm slowly becoming an old fart. Anyways, it's a 1986 SE with the L67 out of a 1999 GTP. Runs fantastic. Had it sit around all winter, and it immediately fired up after sitting for 2 months. Interior is in great shape with no discoloring stains or tears that I know of. Exterior is solid, but it could use some new paint if you wanted it to look perfect. Chassis has only 130k miles, and the swapped mechanicals have an even much lower 52k miles. Anyways, here's all of the mods I could remember:

17x8 & 15x7 teflon Motegi LC5 wheels
255/40 Kumho Ecsta MX tires
205/60 Sumitomo HTR 200 tires
Hella FF75 driving lights
Dr. Gas exhaust (side-pipe)
Tokico shocks and struts
Intense stage 1 pcm
Intense stage 1 cam
comp cams valve springs
harland sharp 1.6 roller rockers
comp cams lifters
west coast fieros 1 5/8 stainless headers
intense fender well intake
thrasher shift kit
thrasher pulley system with 3.0 pulley
unknown rear anti-sway bar with urethane bushings

Also included:

16" black Beretta GTZ wheels
225/50 Nitto 450 tires
original headlamps, assemblies, and motor assemblies
Magnaflow exhaust

Sorry about the lack of pics, but I'll upload more upon request. All of the tires have nearly all of their tread (3k on the Nittos, and less than 1k on the Kumhos and Sumitomos). The Fiero should be good for about 350hp & tq or 300whp & wtq, based upon what the Grand Prix guys are getting. Should also run somewhere around a high 11 to a low 12 when compared to similar Fieros. The price is firm at only $6k, which just so happens to be how much the swap and all of the modifications cost, so it's like you're getting a free car! I might be open to a trade of less value and cash. Well, you can get ahold of me at the following:

email: [email protected]
aim: Hites05

And of course, no joyriders. :p

edit: just did some figuring and the Fiero is getting over 20mpg! :eek:
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