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I am selling a Canover Air Ride setup for 99-03 TLs/Cls. It will also fit 99-02 accords, as this is the car the suspension was made for. I am sure many of you have heard about this brand/setup. This setup is the best air ride you can get for this application. You can adjust the dampening force on the top of the cylinder. This setup rides VERY smooth. Not a penny was spared, and all of the components are name brand. I will include EVERYTHING needed for this system to work in your car for $3200. I have 2 ViAir 450 compressors, 2 3 gallon tanks, and Air Ride Technologies Big Red valves. These valves are simply the best you can get, and are said to be bulletproof. I also have all the other various items, such as the switches, pressure switch, optima red top (2nd battery, that will be included), and battery isolator. Local buyers preferred, but will ship. If you are local, I will send you to the guy who installed my system, who does some simply amazing work, at a very reasonable price.

This system was installed in my car at the end of September of last year. Since than, I have driven the car approx 2300 miles. At the end of the day, the total rang to $5400. I am selling it b.c I am going away to school, and want to get in something a little nicer that I can drive daily.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, [email protected] or aim me njzprettyboy.

Here are some pics of the trunk install, and the car itself:

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