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This has been sitting in my basement for 2 years now, never used (well I did test it out to make sure it worked, last week).

Basically, I bought two of these about 2 years ago. ended up only using one of them in my old car for a sub. works AMAZING. - Rated at 270W mAX, 85Wx2 RMS
Can be bridged to run a single channel. It REALLY is under-rated and sounds great (used it originally on a sub, but tried it on a set of speakers last week and it sounds excellent)

It is BRAND NEW. The pictures dont look that great (bad camera) - some dust on it, but it has just been sitting in the box all this time.


Clif Designs CD200A Amplifier

-2 x 85 Watts RMS @ 4ohms

-Regulated Power Supply

-Soft Start Circuitry

-3-Way Short Circuit Protection

-Variable Frequency LPF 40Hz-120Hz

-Variable Frequency HPF 120Hz-800Hz

-Variable Bass Boost 0dB to 18dB

-Full MOSFET Circuitry

-0.02 T.H.D.

-S/N Radio > 100dB

-Channel Separation 65dB

-Frequency Response +/- 1dB 10Hz-40kHz

-Damping Factor 150

-4 Gauge GOLD Power/Speaker Connectors

-Cooling Fans (2 I believe)

-VU Meters (kinda neat - two analog meters)

-GOLD Plated RCA Input/Output Connectors

-Recessed Sound Adjustment Controls


- (LWH) 10.2" x 12.1" x 2.5"

Sorry for the bad pic:

Any reasonable offer and it's yours.

I'm a good guy, really.
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bump for good product...friend of mine works in a custom shop for cars, anything from audio, visual, performance, things like that...and they use a lot of cliff design products...any car ive heard cliff designs in has sounded great ;)

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I still have this sitting around here. Moving soon and I would rather someone have it than me throw it out becuase I dont have room.
Make me an offer.
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