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hey, I'm looking for a quick sale here.. I was holding this for my buddy, but he's changed his plans, so here is the alarm that I had on my car before I updated to the viper 5900 (1 mile range..why? i dont even know). I'm letting it go for $150 firm. Bought it new for 450 installed, still going for 399.99 at frys.. online its going for about 250, so you're getting a hell of a deal here.. It is advertised at 1/4 mile range, but I havent had that kind of luck, due to walls, trees, cars, blocking the way, so I would guarantee at least 100ft. I upgraded when my pager died after I dropped it hundreds of times, so you'll need a new one... other than that, everything else is good.. the wires and fuses are new, as they're from my viper alarm. I reused the clifford wires and stuff, so the only thing thats used in there is the reciever which you mount to the windshield, and the brain. So here it is.. specs:

2-Way Security & Remote Start System
Remote Start Convenience
New Style 2-way Transceiver With Responder Technology
Remote Engine Start
Super-Bright LED Status Indicator
High-Output Mini Neo System
Virtually Instant Confirmation of Remote Start
Dedicated one-button start
Turbo-timer Built In
Defroster Activation output
Safety Shut Down
Timer Mode
Complete Engine Monitoring
New miniature High Capacity Relay Satellite
Tach / Voltage Checking
Remote Operates Power Trunk Release
Clifford GPS Tracking System Compatible
Directed Video Compatible
Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt
Forced Passive Arming
Active/Passive Arming
Progressive Door Trigger
Dual-Zone Shock Sensor
False Alarm Control Technology
Clone-Safe Code Hopping (2^66 Codes)
Remote Controlled Chirp Muting
Patented Remote Control Code Learning
Siren Silencing
Soft Chirp
Secondary Warning Zone
Remote Controlled Valet Mode
Bitwriter Compatible
Built-in Parking Light Flasher
Full-time Remote Panic with Automatic Door Locking and Unlocking

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