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FS: Complete Carputer System (SM FORUM COPY)

Complete Carputer System
$510 Shipped OBO
Dell SX260
1.8ghz celeron, 20gig HD(the comp uses a laptop HD), 256mb ram

Carnetix 2140
The power source- lets you run the comp without an inverter, shuts the comp down, starts it up, etc etc etc-Has latest Firmware

Tview 8 inch VGA Touchscreen
Has Vga input as well as two other RCA inputs, remote, and internal speaker (for those who care about that…)

The PC power cable has been spliced into the carnetix powersource so to set up the comp you just have to plug the power, ground, and ignition wires in….pretty simple

Also, I will throw in a keyboard since I am nice like that.

None of this stuff was ever even installed, I am gonna get a big screen TV instead…..

Also, if you are interested in more.

Linksys wireless-g USB- WUSB54G- $20 shipped
USB/PS2 Powered 24x CDRW/DVD Player- $40 shipped
Upgrade the HD to a 60GB Harddrive- $40

Don’t really want to part it out


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so are you the same 'vroom from Texas' that has reportedly been banned from a few other forums for carputer scams? We're doing some digging right now to find out, so I sure hope not. :eek:
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