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Hello. Due to certain financial circumstances and other goals I have for this car, I am selling these parts I recently bought for the K24a4 build. All prices are OBO, but please do not lowball. I try my best to make all buyers happy and will ship as soon as I can if payment is made promptly.
All these parts are for 03-05 Accord or K-series engines. Please ask if you need clarification on applications.

1) Kpro PNF ECU
1000 OBO (not available until the Kpro harness is sold).
2) Cham Automatic Harness for Kpro
250 OBO (originally 325). This Harness is not yet complete But I anticipate it will be ready to go by the end of this month).
3) RSX O2 Primary O2 sensor
Used lightly for testing kpro. Works 100% I paid 135 so you pay 135. Normally 200 new on websites.
4) Casper's electronics custom O2 sensor extension. Wired for use of RSX-S O2 sensor on Accord k24a4.
25 firm on this
5) Honda Accord K24a4 Headgasket spacer From Hondata
50 OBO. Brand new.
6) 4x RDX 410CC injectors
150 OBO
7) K24a1 Head
Needs some cleanup but flows better than stock k24a4 head.
150 OBO
Cool Brian Crower Stage 2 NA cams for k24a4 or k20a3
never used.
550 OBO
9) Brian crower Dual Stage valve springs retainers and seats
345 OBO
10) Brian Crower stock size Valves for K-series.
140 for Intake Valves
140 for exhaust valves
260 for set.
10) Cometic Head Gasket 87mm Diameter. Brand new.
50 OBO.
11) DC5 Red Valve cover powdercoated JDM.
50 OBO.

All prices are not shipped, shipping must be paid by buyer.

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wow sick build. i would use a k20a2 head. sorry to hear that you won't be able to complete the project. good luck selling your parts!
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