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Up for sale is my Custom Short Ram Intake w/ MAF for 03-07 Accord with MAF Sensor

I had it custom made out of a fujita CAI w/ MAF and used it for approx 10k miles.

A friend of mine (cough*suleman*cough) tried to bend the mount "to fit better..." and ended up creating a small crack in the pipe right where the mount and SRI meet (pictured below). This can be fixed at your local muffler shop for ~$10, its just a little seam that needs to be rewelded or jbwelded. I've had it on my car as is (crack is that small), but now I need cash for school...

I'm asking for $80 shipped OBO.
PM Me for Paypal Address.


The Crack

Size comparison:

Help me buy my books for school...thanks!
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