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alright, ive got a black widow 1 kit that i decided not to use the front or sides from. I decided to go with a kaminari front and sides and keep the BW1 rear.

It's for a 6th gen coupe. This kit is fiberglass, comes with mesh for all the holes. The only crack is a small one from shipping on the bottom edge of the front, that I'll fix if you want me to, but its nothing for a body shop to do. This has never been used at all, no mounting holes or anything. As best as i can tell it will fit pretty well. It's not painted, but has white gelcoat on it.

I'm looking to get around $275 for it, I'm in NJ, 08827. but go to school in Gettysburg PA, i'll be home the weekend of the 28th to get some pics.
Also, I'm looking for a set of 18's, an AEM big rotor kit, or the front and sides of a kaminari kit, so offer up some trades
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