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This is the 1/10 scale glow powered, radio controlled, 4 wheel drive
HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo BMW M3 on-road ready-to-run (95% assembled) car.

FEATURES: Chassis: 0.098" (2.5mm) thick 6065 aluminum, purple anodized,
Drive: Four wheel
Drive Type: Shaft
Engine: .15 cu in (2.4cc) HPI T-15 with ABC construction, dual needle
5.5mm rotary carburetor, glow plug and large heatsink head, engine
starts by included electric Roto Start system
Exhaust: Dual chamber tuned pipe with header
Radio: AM 2-channel pistol grip with steering and throttle trims,
servo reverse, and steering dual rate
Fuel Tank: 2.5oz (75cc) flip top cap
Clutch: 2-shoe
Transmission: Two-speed with adjustable shift point and changeable
gear ratios
Ball Bearings: Rubber sealed type included (18 total)
Shocks: Four oil-filled with coil-over spring, composite bodied
Main Gears: 47 and 43 tooth, nylon construction
Gearbox: Sealed front and rear
Differentials: Planetary geared, limited slip front diff
Brakes: Single disk
Radio Tray: Sealed and removable
Tires: Treaded D compound high grip, premounted, 2.5" (65mm) outer
diameter, 1.9" (49mm) inner diameter, 1" (25.5mm) wide
Wheels: Chrome 1-piece 12-spoke, 1" (25.5mm) wide 2.2" (52mm)
diameter with hex drive
Body: Pre-painted metallic silver BMW M3 coupe with body trim and
sponsor decals applied
Bumper: Front foam
Suspension: Double wishbone
Camber Tie Rods: Non-adjustable, camber is the angle at which the
tires sit vertically
Steering Tie Rods: Non-adjustable, caster/toe-in is the angle that
the tires point inward as viewed from above
Steering: Bell-crank
Servo Saver: Included

Used for 10 tanks of gas. Properly broke in the engine. New i spent close to $375 on it. Everything i have for the car, Asking $275 for everything.
-Battery charger
-Glow plugs + charger
-Roto start
-Extra 18" M3 rims with PVC pipes for drifting, Plus whats on the car now. The tires on it has 100% thread left. It's wrapped with Electric tape for drifting as well.
-Extra inner rubber to hold new tires.
-Glow plug changer


I also have fuel here as well, i'll give it to you for free..i have 2, 2 literbottles i believe. Thank you.

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wait do you have an m3..or did you post this on i kinda remember seeing these pictures tehre
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