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Intel Pentium D processor 820 (2.8Ghz Dual Core). Brand new and still sealed in the box. I'm asking $240 + shipping for the processor.
Specs of the processor:
Clock Speed: 2.80 GHz
Architecture: 90 nm, LGA775
Cache: 2x1MB L2
Front Side Bus: 800 MHz
Dual Core, Intel EM64T, Excute Disable Bit

Full Specs are listed here:

Intel D915PBL Motherboard. Used for about 7 months. Still have original box and software for it. I'm asking $125 + shipping for the motherboard.
Specs of the motherboard:
LGA775 socket with 533/800 MHz system bus
Support for DDR2 533 MHz and DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs (Upto 4GBs of ram)
Intel High Definition 8-channel (7.1) audio subsystem
Eight USB 2.0 ports
Four SATA ports
10/100 Mbits/sec LAN subsystem using the Intel® 82562EZ Platform LAN Connect (PLC) device
Two PCI Express* x1 bus add-in card connectors
One PCI Express* x16 bus add-in card connector

Full Specs are listed here:

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Trade you for my Toshiba Satellite A45-S121 and a small amount of cash my way. 2.8c/256pc2100/15x/CDR/DVD/15"/wireless usb mouse/ogio case. Battery life is excellent, power cable included too. No manuals or disks, will wipe the drive before shipping. LMK if your interested.

You have this posted on OCforums? I assume the Intel board does not offer any OC features in BIOS?
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