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I'm selling a Kenwood eXcelon DDX7015 touchscreen DVD headunit that is in mint condition. I've had it for about a year, and I've loved every moment of it. Unfortunately, I need to pay some bills, so I'm willing to part with it.

Kenwood eXcelon DDX7015


Product Description:
• Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD, CD, CD-R/RW and MP3/WMA-Encoded CD-R/RW Discs

• LCD Screen: 6.5" Wide, 336,960 Pixels (one of the highest resolutions of any unit on the market!)

• SIRIUS Satellite Ready

• Station Presets: 24 (18 FM, 6 AM)

• 30 Stations Naming

• Widescreen (16:9) Aspect Ratio

• 24-Bit Resolution Digital/Analog Converter

• 6-Step, Motorized Adjustable Video Monitor Angle

• Changer Control

• HD Radio Ready

• A.M.S. Amplifier Control Interface: with Compatible Amplifier

• Video L-R Reverse Function for use with Rear-Facing Camera

• Attenuator with Smooth Volume Return: -20dB

• Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs: 1

• Low Output Impedance (80 Ohms)

• Digital Output

• Digital Anti-Skip: 3 Seconds (DVD only)

• Digital Filter: 8-Times Oversampling

• Digital Optimum Servo Control

• DSP (Digital Signal Processing): when Used with Optional KDS-P901 Digital Processor

• DSP Vehicle Cabin Size Adjustment and Digital Time Alignment: when Used with Optional KDS-P901 Digital Processor

• Dual-Zone Control

• Electronic Audio Control (Volume, Balance, Fader)

• Front/Rear Fader

• High Voltage Preamp Output: when Used with Optional KDS-P901 Digital Processor

• Loudness Control

• Preouts: Front, Rear, Non-Fading (Gold-Plated)

• Source Tone Memory

• System E's + Advanced Crossover System

• System Q EX Sound Control: with User Memory

• Telephone Mute: 2-Way

• Tone Controls: Bass, Midrange, Treble

• Motorized Slide-Down Screen

• Selectable Screen Viewing Modes: Normal, Full, Just, and Zoom

• Video Input Automatic Signal Detection

• RGB Input

• Double-DIN Size In-Dash Mounting

• Iso-Mount Capability for Japanese Vehicles

• Programmable Security Code System

• Touchscreen Control with New Graphic User Interface

• Touch-Tone Buttons: Defeatable

• CD Text: 12 Characters

• Intro Scan: Track

• Kenwood-Designed Superior Disc Transport

• Precision Digital Timing (DPAC)

• Automatic and Manual Tuning

• Automatic Memory Entry

• Direct Access Tuning

• High-Speed Multipath Control (CRSC) with ANRC

• Kenwood CR-2 Advanced Tuner

• Preset Seek Tuning

• Radio Data System (RDS)

• Station Name Preset Play

I still have all the original packaging. It comes with a wireless remote control and ABS trim.

PDF of owners manual:

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xlilbluux said:
is there a place to plug in aux port? for like mp3 players and such?

Check page 6 in the PDF of the owners manual. You'll see all the inputs/outputs. There's no inputs on the face of the unit. I don't have a mp3 player, so I don't know all the options as far as cables go. There is an optical input on the rear panel though...

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Dtownz Thrillah said:
how much does navi cost extra?

I believe this is the navigation unit for the Kenwood DDX7015 headunit. Keep in mind that many other navigation units (from other manufacturers) will work just as well. You can find the Kenwood KNA-DV4100 and Navigation DVD on E-Bay for about $400.


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