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Koni shocks fit all 3rd gen TL and TSX, and Honda Accord, im uncertain which Model year Accord fit but should be 05 and up
Go to and check and see if it fits
Part numbers
Front: Left: 8041 1322LSport Right: 8041 1322RSport
Rear: 8041 1329Sport
Total retail price $660

Eibach springs fit all 3rd gen TL 1" Drop
Part number: 4044.140
Total retail price $214

Up for sale is used koni adjustable shocks and eibach springs all with less than 15k miles, one of the front shocks is missing a bracket that fell off somewhere. I've been told it is not needed since the fork holds it in place.

Here is a sample pictures of what the bracket would look like.

Here is some pics of my car.

Staggered just how i wanted it

No finger gap up front

1 finger gap rear

More level ground

You will not be disappointed my rides turn heads everyday, they probably say damn that car is slammed! or damn that car looks slick! :cool: The front is on the lowest spring perch, and the rear is OEM level with the springs making the 1" drop.

Total retail = $874

Priced to sell
Price with shocks and springs $525 +shipping
Springs only $125 + shipping
Shocks only $385 + shipping

Im located in so cal, my zip code is 90631
I only accept pay pal for payment unless there is a local buyer then i'll accept cash.

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Pics are worth a thousand words, now who is serious to buy these babies? Sale proceeds also help a college student! :2cents:

As for the bracket it appears the welds weren't good enough so it just fell off, no big deal since you see the groove for the fork to secure it. Looks like I got the part number wrong for the eibach springs which you can find the correct one in the pics.
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