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I just uninstalled my Magnaflow Cat-back. Sound is as i stated before, Deep and V8 like. Asking price is $250 obo (I am flexible on this but please be reasonable). I prefer local sales since after checking with DHL it would cost $40+ to ship. I will post pics tomorrow after I get home since I'm going to be at the "Shark Tank" tonight :thumbsup: . Below is a description of the setup entire setup.


Part Number: 14215
Magnaflow 2.25 inlet/outlet Machine Polished Muffler (Stainless Steel Polished)

Part Number: 10758
Magnaflow Y-Pipe 2.5" inlet 2.25" outlets (customed inlet of 2.5" changed to 2.25" since my Megan downpipe is 2.25")

Part Number: WLK-24236
Dynomax Race Bullet Resonator 18"

Part Number: PM-552
Pilot Motorsport 3.5" Slant Cut Chrome Tips (Basically the comptech tips - same size and everything)


Additional Comments/Notes:
System has pipe from Y-Pipe and back painted black for a cleaner look from behind the car. Has been on car for about 3K miles. Catback is 90% complete since I removed the OEM premuffler and threw that away. You can put your own in there or replace that section with a straight pipe (whichever you prefer). System is louder than comptech, but just as deep. Any questions, please feel free to PM me or post them here. Already made to fit 99-03 TL-S/P, but with very minor modifications can fit a 98-02 Accord (hanger placement + cut off flange connecting to catylic converter).


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