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Just wondering if anyone's interested in a cellphone or MP3/CDP..

Phone is for VERIZON, the model is SAMSUNG SCH-A670. Unusually clean, of course it has few scratches, other than that flawless. All you have to do is go down to Verizon and tell'em to unlock the phone to your account.
Asking 100 for this

CDP is MP3 capable, and its a Sony D-NE10. This one comes with crap load of stuff such as; Lithium Batt, Desktop charger, wall charger, AAbattery connector, CD-ROM for easy MP3 transfer and burning, Carrying case, Remote control, earpiece, and volt converter. Theyre all in the picture below. Im asking 85 for this.
Retails for 115 on ebay

PM or Email me if interested.
[email protected]

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