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First Gen Playstation for sale

it's modded and chipped so it can play any games, yes, any kind.

this is unlike the Japanese Pal version that only play Japanese version games, this is NTSC machine so it can play both NTSC/PAL version games.

i haven't played much over the years so the lens and machine is pretty new in condition

it includes a controller and a memory card.

i also have a fully modded Sega Dreamcast for sale, again it's fully modded and includes 2 controllers and a 4 mb memory card. as well i have over 30 games included with it, i have pretty much all the games they had. and they all work and the Dreamcast is in excellent condition. barely played at all, even some games i have never played at all!!

for the PS i am asking 100 shipped
for the Dreamcast is 150 shipped

don't think i am ripping you off here coz they are selling higher on ebay, i sold a non working modded PS2 for 125 shipped ....feel free to ask me questions

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