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Your standard 8800GTS 320mb PCI-Express video card branded and supported by PNY.
Works great, have all the original documents, cd's and box.
About 3 months old. Never over clocked (why the heck would you need to?)
This card is MORE than fast enough for ANY game out there.
Give it the highest resolution you can handle and it still produces frame rates like they are going out of style.
I'd just rather have a console.

So, the card is in my computer for now and a picture of it is a major pain. So, what I have here is a picture of the box:

and a picture of it in my computer.
It was a contortionist's work to get it to focus on the PNY label and then I only got the "NY" part. oh well, it's there. Dust and all. The green tubes are water cooling :)

just a couple notes:
- you'll need two empty bays for this beast.
- you'll need at least a 400watt power supply
got that and you'll be melting your monitor with framerates.....or two (dual DVI outputs)
oh yeah, they are dual-linked DVI outputs to boot! (for you big monitor people)

Asking $240 shipped
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