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i will sale or trade these for anything pretty much for a sedan 4 banger auto. im a member of under the name angelusnhc. i got ebay feedback under the same name.

300 dollars. no trades. 200 has to go to shut the phone off.

im cutting off my cell. 300 for the cell. the only scratches are on the back side highlighted in red on the second picture. i have all the factory stuff even the box and receipt where i paid over 500 for it.

i don't got a pic of the actual product right now so ill just use this one. i got the original box and leather case holder and also desk cradle for it.
$60 obo

citizen watch. brand new
got as a christmass gift. doesnt fit and dont want it. hehe retails over 300.00
$150.00 for all 3 watches PENDING
$100.00 obo

fossil watch.
used for like a month. dont want it.
$150.00 for all 3 watches
$25.00 obo

reliance by croton
had sized and wore prob 10 times. another christmass gift. just dont want it
$150.00 for all 3 watches
$100.00 obo

asrock k7 motherboard
found it when i moved 3 months ago. brand new. dont need it anymore. needed it about a year ago. hehe
$30.00 obo price sticker is 80. still on box

xmdeida dream box
allows you to play games and watch tv on any computer monitor. brand new. i got a tv card instead
$60.00 obo. sticker on box says 159.99. brand new item

xbox game screen
it lets you play an xbox without a tv. it sits on top of the xbox. you can use this for any game system. i got a big

screen so i dont use this anymore. i used it for dual tvs. hehehe
$30.00 obo

magellin meridan platinum gps
just dont ever use. got a car mount as well
$60.00 obo

viewsonic computer
dont need 7 computers

1.8ghz. 150gb hdd. 512 ram, wireless keyboard and mouse. xp media center edition. radeon 9700 all in wonder tv card

with 256mb of ram. wireless remote controll for the computer. card reader, restore disk. thats all i can think of.

hehehe. retails about 700.

$400.00 obo
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