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Hey people,

i am trying to guage interest for some of my stereo stuff.

i need to sell my stereo stuff plus a couple of other things to get some cash to pay couple of bills, and also start my repainting project for my car.

all of the stereo stuff is almost brand new, and so please no lowballers. I also prefer local sales, so anybody in the southeast around TN get priority.

ok first up is my headunit

its a panasonic MP3/CD/WMA player , its ipod ready, plus also satellite radio ready. it also has a remote, and box, and owners manual. i hate to sell this, but i need the cheese to get my custom belina black paint job for my car. I bought this headunit for $200, so i will let it go for $150

next up is my chromed out west coast customs amp, this is only 1 month old, i believe this amp gives out 600 watts of power. At nighttime the amp lights up a blue color, so it looks badass.

next up i have my dual Memphis competition 12" subwoofers. The subs paired up with the amp hits hard , and people will able to hear you couple of blocks away :D the subs are also a month old, i bought it brand new at my stereo shop, and i prefer to sell the amp and subs together, because they work best together. for the amp, and subs, i am asking $350 plus shipping, but i prefer locals sales though, cause shipping is gonna be a b*tch.

i also have some misc stuff:

a automatic climate control unit for EX model accords. Asking $10 plus shipping

and a set of brand spankin new headers for the 4 banger accords.Asking $50 plus shipping

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