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Alpine tuat020XM-
Alpine XM direct tuner. it will plug directly into any XM ready alpine deck. its way better than the RF XM tuners, plus its controlled through the deck itself. you get 2 sets or presets on the radio when using this. i used it for a couple of years, i disconnected it because i dont drive the car anymore. i think i still have the original box.
(retail was $250 but its not available anymore, alpine stopped making XM units)

Phoenix Gold EQ232
its my black 30-band equalizer. its got TWO sets of 30 sliders, so thats 60 sliders!!! it also has a built in live driver to boost the signal voltage up to 8 volts. this also has a "clip" led indicator. ive used this for about 2 years, but its been bypassed for over a year. i still have the original box and manual. ill throw in the 1 meter monster 401 series cable.
retail was $1000, the black case was rare.

pics are available on my sounddomain page in my profile, they werent showing up on here. these are going on ebay soon if they dont sell on here.
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