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Okay, so I dug up more crap that I want to get rid of :p
(not in conjunction with Chinese New Years)
#1: Logitech x-220 sub

^okay so iono what to do with this. if anyone wants to play with this, be my guest.

Picked up: $10
Shipped: $18 (thing is heavy :()

#2: Honda "H" caps (OEM)

^the last cap is a lil scratched...barely, i would say collectively the caps are 7.5/10

#3: Construction Light w/custom wired switch

Picked up: $20
Shipped: $30

I'll include the batteries. I guess you could use it in your room? Haha, theres no rust/corrosion on it...The light is LED btw! :D

#4: 7440 Silver-tipped/amber blink 7440 rear turn signals

Just PM me.

Paypal add 3% and yeah :) thats all.

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LOL, that reminds of the good ol days in high school when we were bored @ night. We drive around, grab a bunch of construction stands with lights on them and place all of them @ a friends front yard.

There would be a good 20+ construction stands flashing on his front yard. We were stupid back then haha.

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isnt it big money i heard if you like reported someone that did it and their house lol...

but pretty funny indeed.
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