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Selling a used Random Technology Hi Flow Cat + o2 extension wire for all 99-03 TL's, 01-03 CL's, and 98-02 Accord V6. Also will comes with a 10in. o2 extension plug ($30 value) for use on the TL-/CL-S and some high quality 8.8 grade hardware to bolt up to your B-pipe.

I purchased it from another forum member less than a week ago but never installed it because I ended up needing money to pay for a repair on the car. It was bought new from Josh/Excelerate Performance in Feb. 07 and only used for 8K miles from the first owner. It is still in great condition.

Asking price is $175 shipped FIRM, which is how much I paid.

what you see in the picture is what you get.
you can email me at [email protected], or just pm me.


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