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Hey guys I have a set of Rays Black Lug Nuts *Extended* for sale. I just bought these off of "icantsleeps" for $57 shipped. But they won't fit my wheels. So my loss your gain. They are in perfect working order. 16 lugs and 4 locks with key. Thread size is 12 x 1.5. I'm looking to sell them for SOLD shipped via fedex. I will even throw in a 19MM 1/2 drive long socket for the lug nuts that I just bought today. You would usually have to buy it seperately for the exteneded lugs.

^ There are the 3 lug nuts that are chipped only on the very top part, which will not affect the performance of the lug nuts.

^19mm socket

Thank you for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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