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FS: Rims, tires, and 6th gen Accord Parts!!!

Local people will get 1st priority unless I am PM or there is a post beforehand. I will try my best to honor all requests.

I am also no against trading either, let me know what you have k? I am looking for Suspension components like sway bars, camber kits, and headers for an 03 Acura TL Type S.

SOLD!!! 1. I have a full set (4 rims) of the 5 spoke TL Type S rims in Chrome. Here’s the good, 3 of the rims are flawless and have no scuffs or curb rash what so ever.

Here’s the bad…One rim has a MAJOR corrosion build up along the bead of the rim and will either have to be grinded down or re-plated by a company, and this one is peeling around the center of the rim.

Asking price for the Chrome TL-S rims is: 150.00 + Shipping OBO

SOLD!!! 2. I have a set of CL Type S rims in Chrome. The good, all the beads where the tires will seal at are clean and will seal perfectly, also the center caps are chrome with the chrome Acura symbol, harder to find with aftermarket plated chrome rims. 1 tire will be included with the sale, and up to 3 can be included.

The bad… There are scuffs throughout most of the rims and the finish is peeling from all the rims. Also 2 of the 3 that I could possible include have camber wear and will only probably go 5,000 to 10,000 miles max. The tire brand is a Sumitomo HTR+ in a P215/50R17 with about 4-5 /32’s left.

Chrome CL-S Rims: 150.00 + Shipping with the 1 good tire OBO

Just CL-S Rims: 100.00 + Shipping OBO

3. P215/50R17 Sumitomo HTR+ 1 good tire 4/32 left: 50.00 + Shipping OBO

4. *If someone wants the other 2 bad tires I will charge just shipping only.

All the tires have roughly 4-5/32’s left, roughly about half the tread, but 2 have camber wear.

5. I have a set of 04-05 17” TSX rims in the standard silver/grey finish. The good news is all the center caps are flawless and the rims seal up and hold air perfectly, I have been using them all winter.

The bad: all the rims have curb rash along the rims, however it is more predominate in the 2 rims that have a bend in them. The bends are internal, and not along the lip of the rims.

Asking price for the TSX rims: 150.00 + Shipping OBO

6. A set of used P215/50R17 BF GOODRICH TRACTION T/A they were used for a year and have plenty of tread left. Asking Price for these: 200.00 + Shipping OBO

*Note that the BF Goodrich tires are on the TSX rims right now, so I would let both go for 150.00 plus shipping!!!!

7. I have a set of OEM 16” 03 Lexus ES300 Rims in the standard silver/grey finish. There are no bends or curb rash what so ever. These were taken off after 3,000 miles.

Asking Price for the OEM 16” Lexus rims: 300.00 + Shipping OBO

8. 1 D2R bulb that came out when I had roughly about 65,000 on my car.

Asking price for OEM D2R bulb: 25.00 OBO + Shipping

Items 9 and 10 are Brake Pads for and 03 Acura TL Type-S, please check fitment for other cars before buying.

9. The ones with 50% life left: 20.00 + shipping OBO
10. The ones with less than 50%: 15.00 + shipping OBO

The following are 6th Gen Accord Coupe parts, and possible Sedan owners. The parts came off a 02 Honda Accord Coupe.

11. A set of CLEAR 98-02 Accord Coupe Tail lights

Price for the clear Accord Tails: 40.00 + Shipping OBO

12. A Razo Shift knob, missing the mounting screws

Asking Price for the Razo Shift knob: 15.00 + Shipping OBO

SOLD!!! 13. I have a set of 98-02 Accord (Coupe or Sedan) Aftermarket Projectors from You will have to get some adapters or splice some wires to make the headlights work because they do not use to standard 9005/9006 set up. Also, they did leak so they will need to be sealed up, and one side was out for a while and the lens had a coating on it when I tried to clean it, so this one will probably have to be either polished or wet sanded slightly to get the lens back to clear condition.

Asking Price for these projectors: 25.00 + shipping for both OBO

14. 1 Right side OEM red tail light: 10.00 + shipping OBO

15. I have a Wings West 3 piece Mid-Wing Spoiler painted the Satin Silver Metallic, this was never mounted by me, when I received it there were some spots missing paint, hence the reason why I didn’t want to mount it.

Asking price for the Wings West Spoiler: 50.00 + Shipping

NEW![/B 16. 2nd Gen Acura TL-S stock air box/air filter for 20.00 + shipping

I am also PayPal verified (preferred method of payment), with great feedback on eBay as well.

My location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Zip Code: 46835

*New prices are in red, items are marked to sell!*

Here are pictures of everything!!!

Thanks for looking!

*All offers will be considered as I need to clean out my garage before new parts start to come in. Lowballing is welcome!

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interested in the center console covered in brushed aluminum, how much shipped to 55433? To sweeten the deal, might be interested in the OEM Accord center plastic part with the OEM cup piece.

Wheelgap = sleeper mod
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So would the Rotora's fit a 7th Gen V6 6MT coupe? And how many miles do they typically get if you've already put 45k on them? And i'm a bit confused, what pads are you offering to go along with them?

I live in Indianapolis, that's why I'm so interested. Where in Indiana do you live?

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where at in fort wayne, I work in the industrial park off Lima and Coliseum

p.s. i will take that center piece with the cup holder off your hands

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Where you at?!? I can meet any time between 11:30 and 2:30 on most weekdays just let me know what works best for you.
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