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FS: 18x8 Sporsh Steiner rims

Anyone interested in these rims? They are new, 18x8 with a +45 offset. I bought them around christmas time and have decided not to put them on. They are called Sporsh Steiners and they are made in Japan. The rims have a polished almost chrome like finish. The only website on the net that I could find for these rims is:
(Its a Japanese site)

The website quotes a price of 30,450 JPY which is around 280.00 USD per rim. Here is a link of some pictures I recently took.
You have to register at imagestation to see the pictures I took.

BTW, its free.

I am asking 800.00 for local buyers. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I will ship if shipping is payed for by buyer. E-mail is [email protected], Thanks.
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