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Wheels : Work Varianza T1s
Size : 18"
Width: 8 Fr and 9 RR
Offset: +36 Fr and +42 RR
Tires: Yokohoma YK450 225/40/18 85-90% tread left.
Price: $2000 OBO

Alrite Guys I have my works up for sale my last buyer flaked so these are now up for sale.
The wheels are in great shape and anyone that has seen them will agree with me on that one. I would rate them a 9/10 because of some normal wear and tear. The tires are still in great shape and I will not split unless I have a buyer for both the wheels and the tires.
I prefer local pick up only but will ship at buyers expense.

if you want pics of these on the car they can be found here

Heres all 4 wheels

Wheel 1, I guess the # that was on the paper didnt show

Wheel 1's nick which is probably smaller than the size of your fingernail

Wheel 2

Wheel 2's small nicks

Wheel 3 is clean

Wheel 4

Wheel 4's small scratches on the lip

San Francisco
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Oh man...I really want these but no cashola.


Maybe if you still have them by the time Acurafest rolls
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