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45 offset

Bronzish color

205/55/16 Falken 451 with a lot of tread left. A month of wear on them.

These rims are in near mint condition. No curb rash or bends.

They were brought for my 2002 Sentra but I crashed the car and I have no use for the rims/tires. Since my Accord is 5X114.

These are custom rims. There are only about 10 sets of these rims with 4X114 bolt pattern WITH 45 offset. I got them off of a group buy on the sentra forum.

I am looking to sell the whole set for $700. I would prefer to sell local because of the price of shipping. And I do not want to be blamed for the rims being damage while being shipped.

Everything is mounted and balanced already. I paided over $900 for everything. Rims, tires, shipping, mount, and balance

I know that I don't post a lot here I mostly lurk but I have a lot of references. My ebay name is the same as this screen name. I sold a couple of things on and I used to be a postwhore on both forums but after my accident, I frequent it less and less.

I will post pictures if anyone is interested in these rims. I am located in the Los Angeles area.
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