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since i built my new computer ive got a lot of extra stuff left over thats cluttering my place. im flexible on prices, and id rather have this stuff used by someone than just sitting here collecting dust. also, i dont know how much to ask for these things lol.

1. intel p4 processor with hyper threading. 2.4ghz socket 478, has oem heat sink and brackets. lmk if you dont need em. never abused/overclocked. $30 shipped.

2. 2 120mm fans. both work great, left ones a lil dusty, right ones been used for maybe 10 hours. left one has male/female 4 pin molex connectors, right one has 3 pin. $10 each shipped i guess.

3. left: 80mm fan with 3 pin connector, barely used. right: 92mm fan with 3 pin connector, still works good. $7 each shipped.

4. pic says it all. barely used for business application, never abused. formatted and ready to go. $30 shipped.

5. 2 sticks of 256mb 333mhz ddr ram. never overclocked. one works for sure, the other im not sure. idk if its my mobo slots acting up, but they both worked before i took my computer in to be reloaded with xp. now that ive got a single 1gb stick i know one slot works lol. $20 shipped for both.

idk if anyone wants the rest of this stuff so make me an offer.

hp 716n mATX case with power supply, 3.5" drive, media card reader, *possibly* dead mobo, nothing else.

2 ide cables for 5.25" drives, bottom ide will go with case if that sells.

maybe broken maybe good 128mb gigabyte 9600 pro ati 8x agp video card. was good, then pc place said its supposedly dead.

pic says it all:
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