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Ok, I am trying to sell my car, and I want to return to stock the little that I did, but still I would rather have people who want the stuff to take it then the dealer who is going to rip someone off on it.

So here it is
1. 2001 Acura CL-S 17" Wheels with Continental Extreme Contact Tires Fronts are good and backs are a little low. I had a vibration problem but I got rid of it once they wore down a little. $450 OBO WITH STOCK 16" TRADE

2. 1999-2001 OEM Aero Kit Taffeta White. Rear has a little pencap mark on it where you see the primer. Sides are good and so is the front.
- 550 OBO With Trade of stock kit

3. DEPO RED/White Tailamps $125 With Stock Amber and Red Tails From 99-2001

4. K&N Air Filter for a 1999-2003 Acura TL and CL I believe. Also comes with Recharger kit. $75 OBO and your stock airfilter. Used for 5k miles

Email me at [email protected] for any pics or questions for pics of the wheels
AIM= mattacostaj
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