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now in a 2004 Acura TSX
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muffler looks like photo^

it's an axel back so it already has piping on it, direct swap ( i don't know the size of the piping, but it isnt that big)

comes w/ silencer *the silencer doesnt really fit in well, so it is kind of bent, but it still works, and it is an ADJUSTABLE silencer like show in above picture :)

muffler is kinda dirty, but i can polish it up for ya with mother's metal polish for FREE!

will trade for your stock muffler straight up (must be in decent condition, ie. no holes/deep scratches/etc)

edit: will also be offering to trade for another axel back exhaust

fits 98 - 02 4 cylinder accord coupe OR sedan

so cal only.
i live in Huntington Beach, CA if anyone is wondering :)

thanks for looking :)
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