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Fuel Pump

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Hi to all, first of all let me introduce myself. I am Irwin and am living here in Australia and I am an auto electrician. I have a Honda Accord CM6 with the J30A4 engine. Recently my car has been having starting issues. It takes about 7 seconds for it to start so I though that this may be a fuelling problem. What I did to narrow down the problem was turn the key to ignition on, after 2 seconds I turned it off, then turned it to igniton on again, after 2 seconds turned it off, and on the third cycle turned it all the way to start and the engine starts right away. I took if for a drive and when it was at normal operating temperature I drove it hard, doing quick accelerations and it was fine, no fuel starvation. So it would seem that there is no blockage along the fuel line and that the problem seems to be the check valve of the fuel pump.

I removed the fuel pump module and noticed that it is not the OEM module but a replacement. Now I checked the Denso 2019-2020 fuel pump catalog and found two different part numbers for the Accord CM6 with the J30A4 engine. One is the 195131-9340 which is rated as 80 L/Hr, and the other one is 195131-9470 which is rated at 123 L/Hr. Will someone be able to tell me which is the correct one for my specific Accord? On the PartSouq online EPC, I can see the Honda part number for my vehicle according to the VIN but it is a Honda part number and I would like to know the Denso part number as it costs way less.


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