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Santa Barbara Photoshoot / Meet
Friday July 22nd, 2005

The craze these days: photo shoots!!

Everyone's invited to this all day photoshoot and meet! I know it's a friday, but it's the only day I can do it. The date may change still, so keep a lookout. This will be fore a gen7accord calanader and just a basic photo shoot as well. There will be gen6's featured! Anyway, all v6p are invited. We will be spending the morning in the mountains doing a canyon run + pictures. Afternoon in downtown santa barbara, contrasting the hacienda architecture with our sleek honda designs, plus all those palm trees, then we'll be hanging out at the beach (vball, etc free time) and then at night we'll be cruising around the Santa Barbara business park + the UCSB Mesa Parking structure.

If you'd like to come, you have to RSVP so we can organize the event!

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