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Description: Make Nighttime Driving Safer
Eliminate dangerous glare from the vehicles traveling behind you with an NVS® rearview mirror. It detects glare and automatically dims to preserve driver vision and make nighttime driving safer. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirror becomes. An ICE indicator will display for one minute when the temperature is at or below 37 degrees. This feature cautions you to anticipate road-icing conditions. Compass and external temperature readouts also ensure that while you are driving safer you are also driving smarter.

Night Vision Safety™ Auto-Dimming Mirror
Gentex Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors. Gentex NVS® mirrors are based on the science of electrochromics, which is the process of reversi+T6bly darkening materials by applying electricity. During nighttime driving, the mirrors use a combination of sophisticated sensors and electronic circuitry to detect glare from rearward approaching vehicles and darken accordingly to eliminate the glare and preserve driver vision. They are popular, active crash-avoidance safety feature making nighttime driving safer for vehicles throughout the world.

PathPoint™ Compass System
The mirror's compass and outside temperature displays are features of the PathPoint™ Compass System developed by Johnson Controls, a Johnson Controls Company. The compass is a self-calibrating flux gate compass that eliminates manual calibration by the factory, dealer or customer. It detects and compensates for magnetic anomalies caused by bridges, subways and large steel structures. It also compensates for actual changes in vehicle magnetics. Calibration data is stored in memory, which eliminates any requirement for recalibration after losing battery power. The electronic compass shows the direction you are heading in an easy to read digital display located above the mirror. The compass is an extremely accurate computer that displays vehicle headings of N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E and NE.

Outside Temperature Display
The outside temperature display provides you with a digital temperature reading. When the temperature is at or below 37 degrees the display will indicate "ICE" for a period of one minute. This feature cautions you to anticipate road-icing conditions.

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PitchBlk, aka BigLou 7
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Honda accords need the 50-901160M adapter bracket for this unit.
Installation was easy for me:
1. rotate and pull off OEM mirror.
2. Attach bracket to window and then attach mirror to bracket
3. plug in harness and run cabling in headboard, down driver's pillar, thru fuse box and just above driver's feet, left of steering column
4. route temp probe thru firewall grommet and mount on bumper (refer to directions for placement)
5. locate switched 12V and connect wire for this
6. ground the black wire

you are set! remember to have the harness plugged in b4 you power up the unit. you can refer to pics of my installation in my webshots page.
any questions, feel free to email me.

Temp works great, compass and auto-dim also.
Compass needs to be callibrated if you drive long distance, into a diff zone. (do so by just driving in a circle a couple times)

Proslooks great, compass works great
Consnot always accurate
Would you recommend?yes
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