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Hello people

I'm relatively new to the B-more area and I'm trying to find some good, professional, trustworthy places I can take my car. Specifically, I'm looking at least for a good dealership. I've found the O'Donnell Honda in Ellicott City off of Rte 40 to be pretty good, but if there's a better one I might be willing to switch.
I'm also interested in finding a good shop that can take care of my audio needs and can be honest with me about what I have/need for my system.
For body work/paint I've heard Subway in Glen Burnie is pretty good (my buddy trusts his Benz there, so I believe it's decent).
Haven't found a garage that can do some straightforward installs for me yet...I want to take it somewhere that will put in headlights, CAI, springs/shocks, strutbar...that type of thing. Good price is secondary to some sort of quality assurance. I've seen some places on Rte 40 not too far west of Johnnycake that advertise import work but I haven't had a chance to go in...does anyone know of these?
Lastly, I've heard Tintman in Glen Burnie is superb...but I also heard about a place (don't know the name) down Crain Hwy that will do a good job and will also do the whole windshield...any recommendations (shops, I mean...I'm pretty much decided on the tint level).
Sorry for the 20k questions but I haven't had a chance to meet many people from work that know/talk about these things (co-workers are about 15-20 years older than I am on average so...)
Any help is appreciated.

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