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The End.
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Reason for selling: Went with a 15mm.

Comes with:
10MM H&R spacer and NEW 15mm extended lugs.

Should fit any 5x114.3 car with a 64.1 center. The reason why I include the 15mm studs is because I already have a 15mm studs on my car.. I only need the spacer itself and I obtained the 10mm spacer from Chad (aprevo15). They're brand new so you don't have to worry about rust on them, etc. YOU MAY & PROBABLY WILL NEED EXTENDED LUG NUTS OR OPEN ENDED ONES!

The spacer itself probably has rust marks, but other than that.. it won't hinder it from working the way it should. I don't see how it would. :up:

Pictures will be up soon once I get my lens..
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