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A fall meet with some fun has come around, bring your costumes and family and lets have us a good time.
We are going to have 2 meet up spots. Ones coming from the North and ones coming from the South of the Park.Please try to arrive at 11:00 am. Both areas will be leaving at 12 PM. If you fail to meet us there then you will just have to ride solo to the main location.

Location: Shenandoah National Park, VA(36.7 Skyline Drive, Luray, VA)
Day: October 28, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM.

The place has great scenery as you can see below. Pic from Mr. Harding himself :D

We plan on it being a cruise involved. The entrance fee is $15. With halloween right around the day maybe we can come up in costumes lol.
Interested people listed below, if interested add your name to the list.

South - Exit 99 off of I-64 Afton Circle, Afton, VA 22920

1. Darianjr1
5. dharding413 - Lead Driver
9. civicdrivr (from
12. 02accordse
16. H22.5 (
19. 03acktls (
21. ChiefElijah (

North - 260 Remount Rd Front Royal Virginia 22630 (Food Lion Parking Lot)

4. ReggieReggcg2
6. t0MMy
7. x5carl3tMurd3rx - Lead Driver
8. vtec2000
11. JCharged (from
17. HGuzman90
18. Greekpizza
20. 3rdAccord (

2. Ryan
3. JordanFleenor
10. Izzy Guzman
13. Fasterthanurs
14. JLaneAccord
15. Dragged

Plus 9+ guests.

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Count me in. I'm in Ashburn so this is not a bad drive for me, and my sister lives in Front Royal. I'll be there in my 7th Gen.
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