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Owning a decade old ride is great, until the moment when it becomes to break down and show the first age signs, for example headlights fading. Don't worry,
everything can be fixed. If you are a long-time sufferer of a cracked of faded headlights, we at CARiD have a solution for you. The Black Halo Projector Headlights
made by CG! Those headlights come equipped with LEDs and amber reflectors which will make your Accord more noticeable for other drivers. If you want to light up
your road with the quality, bright headlights, check them here:

CG® 02-AZ-HA98-PBC-R-G3-A - Honda Accord 1998-2002 Black Halo Projector Headlights with LEDs G3

* All necessary hardware is included;
* D.O.T. compliant to FMVSS-108;
* Covered by a warranty;

Read more about CG at CARiD:

Feel free to shoot me a message or leave your comments, if you need more information on car restoration products and available special deals on them. Maintain your car well and it will be loyal to you.
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