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I have two things up for grabs

Kenwood KDC-2022 headunit

and Kenwood KFC-1379ie (they are 5.25 inch speakers)

The headunit is 1 year old...I didn't really use it...I mounted it...tried it....didn't like it...took it off and put it back in the box.

All items have boxes and instructions and wires that came with them. Yeah, the headunit is 50 x 4 peak power. I think 22 RMS x 4 not sure....comes with remote, equalizer band, etc. It's a not a band headunit but I don't really want it, and I need some cash for school. You can always go to or somwehere and find more specs.

The speakers...I have 4 of them. They are 150 watt peak power...don't know RMS....websites will have more info on it.

If you want to know more details please PM me or e-mail me.

I am asking about $25 for a pair of speakers...$50 for all 4...and the headunit I will let go for $90-100 or headunit...

Alright thanks for looking let me know

but please do not think these prices are FIRM....I am easily negotiable
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