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I had these for a week, but i wanted something very blue. Bought 8000k weee!!!

Sooo... i got 5000k up for sale!!!

300 shipped!

This is a Genuine H11 Hella HID Conversion Kit.


Genuine Hella Ballast made in Germany with Integrated Igniter, Tuned & Re-chipped by Proxenon

35W Power Supply

Input - 13.2V DC Norm, 3.2A Norm. 20A Max; Output - 35W Norm

Dimensions - 3.3x3x1.25 (LxWxD); Weight - 1.8 lbs each ballast

Plug-n-Play setup for easy conversion installation


Genuine re-build & Retrofit with Genuine Philips Xenon Bulbs

Standard Included Equipment

2 x Genuine Hella Ballasts made in Germany, tuned and re-chipped by proxenon in France

2 x Genuine Philips bulb

2 x Brackets with Screws

4 x 3M Adhesive Pads

1 x Delphi Wiring and Fuses

Installation Manual

Proxenon TradeMark Decal

TWO Years Warranty Card

Note: Ballast is not labeled "Hella", since Hella only allow their trademark label on its OEM (D2x) system only.
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