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expect worn scratches bottom part of mufflers. NOT VISIBLE when one the car. Sounds a lot better than comptechs...(i had comptech before this one). this is for an sellling because this isn't long enough to be flush wit my rear bumper...extension will cost me $ **** that...

shoot me some offers...or i will trade PLUS cash for GReddy MX cat backs...

2 12" JL w3d4 $100 a piece.
500/1 amp $400 with all the wires necessary to install COMPLETELY.

JL speakers...2 front and 2 rear, $120
JL speakers, VR and XR (series) just bought these...forget what they were...not even installed on my amp for it...

as you can tell on the subs...they were pushed by stock BOSE the pose headunit...with ONE 500 mono amp so they weren't pushed hard...i pushed about 150-170ish watts on each sub...When i turned up higher, i coudln't hear the stock i had to stay low...both gread condition. AMP is like new...subs are used...good condition.

PM or email at [email protected]

everything PLUS SHIPPING.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts