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IMPORTANT: I did this swap under my own stupidity, i am not responsible for any one of you destroying your car after reading my post 馃檪

i just wanted to put some info out there from what i experienced thru doing my 6 speed swap into my 7 gen accord 3.0 First off i noticed that there is not much info out there on swapping a j30 from auto to manual, as a matter of fact its quite the opposite, theres a lot of people out there saying its way to expensive and or not possible, so here is what i have found..

i purchased my 2005 accord v6 auto for 500$ with a bad tranny. tranny and other misc parts came from junk yards and ebay.

Parts i acquired:

05 Accord v6 500$
05 accord 6MT trans 600$
accord v6 clutch kit 160$
accord v6 flywheel and bolts 220$
accord v6 manual starter 60$
accord manual shifter and cables 80$
05 accord v6 master cylinder 25$
accord manual pedal assy 30$
steel braided clutch line 30$
05 accord trans mounts 50$
07 tl type s ecu 100$

i will be using the 07-08 TL ecu and adapter harness with flashpro. Which would cost about another grand.

Flashpro TL 700$
03-07 Accord ecu adapter harness 350$

However one could simply buy an 03-07 accord 3.0 manual ecu and it can be used on the auto harness

The swap:
*interesting notes*
All mounts , including engine and tranny, are identical between the auto and manual tranny. so yes, the auto mounts can be used with the 6mt, tho i opted for new ones. Matter fact i have also verified that the k24 7 gen mounts are also identical to the 3.0 mounts.
All axles are the same for the 3.0 7 gen, I reused my auto axles in my 6mt, YES INCLUDING THE DRIVER SIDE, exact fit.
Aside from the same mounts, the mounting holes in the subframe where the tranny mounts bolt thru the subframe are the same. (I read somewhere that the auto subframe could only be used if drilled out for the manual mounts, NOT TRUE, direct bolt in.
The auto tranny will have hoses going to it with coolant passing through, this is the transmission warmer, it will need to be bypassed durning the swap. (loop the hoses together)
The tranny CAN be easily pulled thru the bottom of the car, out the driver tire well, this eleiminates having to unplug and remove the entire engine with the tranny.

True manual accord have an intake runner control valve on the intake manifold, your automatic will not. After the swap when running the manual ecu you will have a cel for the missing intake manifold runner control valve unless you source a manual intake. However the car will run just fine without it

sorry for the lengthy-ness, i have a lot of info i feel i need to express about this swap. i will attempt later to maybe make a semi decent step by step of the swap.

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I may or may not be forgetting some small things, but heres the just of it..

Remove the airbox
Remove the battery and Battery tray
Drain the auto tranny
Drain the radiator
Remove radiator hoses
Remove auto shift linkage from auto tranny
Pull the tranny sensor connectors they arent needed anymore
Remove the front tires
Remove driver tie rod, lower and upper ball joints
Unplug and remove abs wheel speed sensor and its bracket from knuckle
Remove brake caliper and hose bracket from knuckle pull rotor
Remove axle nut set knuckle aside
Remove strut from control arm
Pull driver cv axle set aside
Remove pass caliper and hose bracket pull rotor
Remove pass tie rod, upper and lower ball joints
Remove axle nut set pass knuckle aside
Remove pass strut from control arm
Remove exhaust
Remove halfshaft shield
Remove halfshaft and pass cv axle
Remove front and rear engine mounts to subframe
Remove subframe lower slightly as PS lines are attached
Disconnect rack from steering wheel
Disconnect PS lines from subframe and rack (if nessecary)
Lower subframe
Remove Torque Converter dust cover (CAN BE REUSED ON 6MT)
Remove TC from flexplate
Remove remaining tranny sensors
Remove tranny warmer hoses
Remove front engine mount bracket
Support engine and tranny with jack
Remove tranny upper mount
Remove front motor mount bracket from block and tranny
Remove tranny bellhousing bolts
Pull Auto tranny thru driver tire well
Remove torque converter
Remove flexplate

Install MT flywheel (mt bolts longer then auto flexplate colts)
Install clutch disc
Install pressure plate
Install throwout bearing
Install 6MT to mtor bellhousing bolts
Raise motor and tranny to position
Install upper trans mount while keeping tanny supported
Install lower tranny mounts to tranny
Bypass auto trans warmer hoses
Install front mount to block and tranny
Install MT starter
Arrange subframe connect PS lines
Raise subframe align rack to steering column and trans mounts to subframe
Bolt in subframe
Bolt in lower trans mounts
Bolt together steering column
Install tranny dust cover
Install cv axles and half shaft
Install steering knuckles, ball joints, tie rods
bolt axle nuts
Install tires
Fill tranny
Fill and bleed radiator
Remove auto shifter and install manual shifter run cables uner hood
Connect shift cables to tranny
Install pedal assy, run line from master to slave
Fill and bleed clutch

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Years ago when my auto went out on my 03V6 I tried to get the transmission swapped out to manual. A salvage car was transferred from out of state to a Honda junkyard here but when it arrived it was a 4cyl not V6. So I had to rebuild my auto. Sold the car a couple years later but if I had done the manual swap I'd still be driving it and never would sell it.

Nice write-up glad to see someone is getting this sort of work done. Would certainly love to see pictures and video.

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I had a similar fear with buying an entire donor car as i know the v6 6speed is relatively hard to find. That's why i decided just to find the 6mt on eBay and get the other misc parts from local yards and what not.
I think it really ended up being a better route to buy a used v6 accord and do the swap because it's come out to something around 3 grand but it has all new clutch and starter and other few things. My only Other option to get a v6 6mt would be to buy one but they're going for 6 to 8 grand around where i am. And that would be 6 to 8 grand on a car with probably 150k and a stock clutch most likely. So I'm happy with my swap so far, tho I'm still daily driving my 04 i4 5mt accord until i can get flashpro for my v6. I always thought my k24 manual was pretty fast but, my v6 6mt Is faster even in limp mode with no vtec and redline at 5k Lol ?

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I also did the swap at work in between other cars on my free time at a Midas, so i didn't get all too many pictures at all. Just a few when i got the auto out and when i got the flywheel on. I'll see what pics i have in the old phone gallery

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Probably should have done that when my transmission went out the first time. The shop didn't check the lines for the auxiliary cooler when they added it with the rebuild, less than two years later due to blockage in the lines the transmission was toast. For the $5000 or so between the two rebuilds (2nd shop added a shift kit with the build, so much better!) I could have done the swap to a manual and maybe had money left over.

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Absolutly scottwax, the swap for me cost around $2500, and that's including the 700 i spent on the car. In your situation, and with the right luck on parts You maybe could have gotten the swap done for around $1800 given you were doing your own labor. Well worth the money in my opinion. Especially to end up with an accord v6 6pd.
I mean what good is all the j sieries power, if you can't get it to the road due to power loss from an autobox

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Awesome write up man!! You laid the foundation for others! It鈥檚 up to them to eat it done, whether you missed something or not, this is a HUGE starting point!!

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Thanks accord325.
The car is still going good, granted, Its not daily driven because im waiting on Flashpro. It definitely runs and drives well mechanically. My only complaint being being ecu related, no speedometer currently and limp mode because it still has The auto ecu in it. Which means no vtec and rev limit at 5k. Thoooo its still faster in limp mode then my 7gen k24 MT. Lol
Anywho, picked up an 08 TL ecu for 100$ with the key and immobilizer, just need Flashpro and the adapter harness and ill switch the tag over as daily driver.
I did drive it 50+ miles home from my work with the auto ecu and didnt have any issues, it was actually quite fun

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Finally purchased the Flashpro Adapter harness to use my 08 TL ecu in my 7gen. lastly all i need to call this project complete, will be the actual 07 08 TL Flashpro itself. I will keep this post updated.

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Awesome thread bro, I鈥檝e been looking for some info on this swap, and your right about all the old threads saying it鈥檚 not worth it. Back then I鈥檓 sure it wasn鈥檛. But I wanted to ask abou the clutch pedal install and if it was a straight forward install, along with the master cylinder? I鈥檓 actually wanting to do a k24 trans on my V6 using the J2k adapter kit from inline pro. This is due to the cost of the 6-speed trans and that鈥檚 if you can even find one. All the ones I found were $1200 and had over 150k on them.. I鈥檓 really happy that you included the fact that the k24 trans mounts are the same as the V6 cuz that was one of the questions I was trying to figure out. I didn鈥檛 realize that the ECU was going to be such a pain in the ass, as far as cost which sucks but in the end HONDATA is the **** and is worth it!

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Thanks Ttali,
as for the clutch and master it was very straight forward, there are indendtions in the fire wall where the clutch pedal holes need to be drilled. drilling the holes and mounting the master to the firewall was pretty simple, and i believe i personally actually used a 92-95 civic mater and it has been working fine over 3k miles. from the mater to the slave i bought a steel braided clutch line off ebay for around 30$. the fitting for the clutch line to the master is the same for the civic master cyl and accord so either master can be used.
i was unaware that a j2k plate has been made that is awesome!!! i paid 700 for my 6mt with 115k miles off ebay, tho i bet a k tranny would hold up fine n/a or slight boost
i also found it quite lovely that 7 gen mounts are the same between v6 and 4cyl, makes for getting parts much easier!

the ecu for me has been the biggest pain in the ass. i seen that ktuner was also offering a flash tuner for the tl ecu im using, i bought it thinking it was similar to flashpro and ended up wasting 500$. As ktuner cannout change the calibration on an ecu from auto to manual or vice versa, however flashpro CAN turn an auto tl ecu to a manual accord 3.0 calibration. so all in all flashpro is def the way to go with our cars.

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Sweet, I ask cuz when I look next to the brake booster there鈥檚 not much room.. along with a wire loom that goes through the fire wall.. then inside the car the clutch pedal hits something that has wires going to it.. sorry for the lack of proper terminology but I鈥檓 a Master HVAC tech by trade and mess with cars on the side... this could possibly due to the clutch pedal I got which is out of a TL but it looked very similar to the accord one. I actually ended up finding a 06 Accord 6-speed with 125k on eBay for $850 shipped so pulled the trigger just due to how much easier the swap is and really cost effective. But again thanks for the response it鈥檚 really prepping me before I do the swap
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