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8x10 Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Based Gloss paper. 100 sheets in the box. Box is sealed and brand new.

$65 shipped firm

ILFORD Multigrade IV FB Gloss Fiber is a premium quality variable contrast paper on a fiber base. Compared with MULTIGRADE FB, it has been improved to give better tonal rendition throughout the contrast range, especially in the highlights. It also has a slightly heavier double weight base (255g/m 2 ). Multigrade IV FB Gloss Fiber gives prints with deep, rich blacks. These are achieved by the careful choice and positioning of optical brighteners in the paper. These same optical brighteners also ensure that the base tint is very clean and bright and remains so, even with prolonged washing

Blotter book. 8x12 in size. low lint, neutral ph, holds 21 prints. sealed and in wrapper

$13 shipped firm

pm me if interested. I'll end up using it if I can't sell it.
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