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I'm also selling my 92 Wrangler YJ with 77k miles!

I just posted my 2015 Nissan Rogue for sale in a separate thread... Now I'm posting my 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ for sale.

I bought it about 1.5 years ago and have put over $12k into it... I am selling it because I recently resigned from my main job and I now have to be realistic and realize that I need to get rid of some toys/luxuries that I do not need currently at my age (Same reason I'm selling my Nissan). It drives great and is in very good condition all around. It can be a daily driver with $0 money put into it AT ALL.

However, I cannot realistically expect $12k back out of it in a sale... So I am asking $8,000 OBO from forum members. All of the upgrades/repairs are listed in my CL ad. I also have many receipts as well. Many members on here know me too...

The Good: Too much to list... But here are some.... It drives straight as an arrow and is very comfortable thanks to the OME/Bilstein suspension combo... It starts right up every time and is actually pretty quiet on the road with the sound deadening, new Bedrug Carpet ($400+), and all new hardtop seals... I have never offroaded it in the whole time I've had it. Also, in the pics you can see the hardtop has some cosmetic exterior scratches (bought it that way) and I plan on spraying the hardtop black and if you buy it, I will make sure to do that for you especially.

The bad: It has one rust spot under the passengers seat that is kind of rot (common), which means that a portion of that floor board should be replaced if you want that rust gone... but it has not caused me any issues, and after all the money I put into the Jeep, I don't really see the return on investment for me to fix that rust spot and turn right around and sell the Jeep, so I haven't.

The transmission grinds lightly sometimes when shifting. Mostly when the Jeep is cold. However, with practice you can minimize the grinding and actually find the sweet-spot RPMs to shift at and when you do that, it doesn't grind at all... It does not affect performance and it drives great. *Disclaimer for anyone who doesn't know these Jeeps... Sometimes these transmissions grind slightly due to the synchros, but just like the engines of these vehicles, if maintained properly and not abused, the transmissions can last 150k miles plus! My Jeep specialty mechanic inspected the trans and said I have nothing to worry about. He works on them all day and told me that it is fairly common.

The driver's door lock does not work from the outside (I took the door panel off and saw that one of the metal bars for the lock were missing... Which is an easy fix), but there is a way to unlock it from the outside that I can show you, until you either fix the lock or not. The driver's lock DOES work from the inside however! All other locks work.

Also, the coolant temp guage and cig lighter do not work... All other guages and electronics (including rear wiper and all interior lights) work!

Any questions feel free to ask, and please check out my CL ad for more pics and a list of most of the things I've done to it. THANKS!!!

1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ 77,000 miles!
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