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I chose the Ingalls kit over the SPC kit mainly because it provided more adjustment options. It replaces the lower center arm and the lower rear arm, giving you the option of adjusting camber AND toe, while the SPC kit replaces the upper arm, giving you the ability to only adjust the camber. Also, I have 19x8 wheels with a 40HGR offset, and I was worried that if I use the SPC kit, which lenthens the upper arm to adjust the camber, my tires might rub on the fender. Going with the Ingalls kit, which shortens the lower arm to adjust the camber, I did not have to worry about that.

Easy to follow instructions are provided.

Only complaint I have is the price. No way 4 metal bars and a bunch of nuts should cost $200.

ProsCan adjust camber and toe
Cons$200 kinda steep for some steel rods, eh?
Would you recommend?yes
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