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is anyone interested? i could probably get 19x8 privat gassen in either 30 offset or 40 offset with 215/35/19 cooper tires for 1000 shipped even anywhere in the lower 48 states.

if u want 225/25/19 or 235/35/19 if would be 1100 shipped.

if u want them staggered in 19x8 and 19x9.5 it would be 1100 also.

Just seeing if anyone is interested. if so u could send a 100 dollar deposit and i could order them. this offer is good probably for the next week only until the wheels get sold out. heres a pic of what they look like. ive had these on my car 3 seperate time. once 19x8 40 offset with 225/35/19. then 18x8 30 offset with 215/35/18. and finally 18x8 front and 19x9.5

next week im gonna change my fronts to 19x8 30 offset with the 215/35/19 tires.

pm me if interested. :)
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